Help me to expand my business.

I am a real estate agent intending a growth in my business. I have done most of the things for advertising my business in the real world but now turning online, what are the options available on the web to help me get more clients.
Any help will be appreciated.

Obvious one, get a website if you don’t already. I used the services of to create a couple of mine. Another thing you can do is start writing articles and posting them on forums, newsletters and newpapers.

Finally this biz is best done by word of mouth. So you’ll want to start holding seminars on homeownership, selling and investing at your local reias and other community groups.

Good luck

Online is all about Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

As Hassan said, you definitely need to have a website. There are plenty of ways to be successful online.

-marketing on free classified websites
-social networking sites
-Google Adwords

to name a few…

Consistency and Massive Action is the Key!

Hope that helps,


adwords is a very useful tool, but you really need to know what you’re doing or it will drain your bank account. Start with a good site, build your buyers list and focus on finding good deals in areas that people that can afford to buy want to live in.

This is a very right step on your part; you have to make each possible effort to popularize your business. As most of the places are going hi tech and people turning on to the internet for their needs, I think this is a potential market. You can get listed among the real estate agents list so that if anyone searches for an agent you can be considered. You can also find prospective customers by the same way as there are sites with good property listings for people.