help me please!!!!!

im just starting out and i just got a forclosure listing and im having trouble finding more info about the properties. The list i have just has basic stuff. i want to find things like the real location of the property not the lot number, i want to find out who and how i can contact someone about looking at the property and how i can find out how much is still owed on the morgage and if their is any other morgages that i have to worry about if anyone can help me please i beg you.
thank you, Michael starks

What did you use to find that there was a property? I trying to figure out why you would not know the physical address?

because the list doesnt give a real address. it give a lot # and the person that owned the forcloser and different numbers, not the address

this is a notice of sheriff’s sale
its going to be sold a an auction on the 6th
here is an example of the information the list gives me

Cause No.: 04TXA00900-D1
defendants: Heirs of Jose Ortega
Account No.: 110-00453-011

W1/2 OF 1 BLK 453 WD, City of Laredo, Webb County, Texas

Judgment amt: 5,105.36 Judgment date: November 22, 2006

Allright. I’ve got what you need. Assuming that you can get the account number for all of the listings, you need to go to this website:

Select Account number, and enter it in the box without the dashes.

Badaboom! The address! It also gives you and delinquent taxes. Enjoy!


thank you so much…