Help Me Please

I am a new investor, and I need help with this situation. I am talking with a seller who has a property in University City, Philadelphia, who is asking $145,000 for a 5 unit building. The properties in this area have skyrocketed in the last 4 years. Properties for 1-4 units begin at $340,000.
The seller told me that the property needs $9,000 worth of work. I saw the outside it does need work. We are trying to get a day when I can come to inspect the inside. 4 of the units are rented, his rents are low for the area. I live around the corner. The tenants pay their own utilities, no mortgage on the building. I plan to rehab and then flip it if I can get it.

How do you think I should structure this. This property is for sale by owner and he has said “the best offer”.

I plan to use a hard money lender, which offers 65% LTV.,
or I have made contact with a investor who may be interested in funding me.

When I get to see the propertry on the inside, I want to be able to strike a proposal to him .How would you handle it.

I was thinking no money down cash of $97,000 ask him to hold the balance of $48,000 at 6% for 30 years with a 3 year ballon, or no money down at the whole asking price.

Help, Help

Thanks any help will do