Help me make a decision

Hello everyone, I received an incoming call from 425 215 0443. They offered to invest money in the property on very favorable terms, but they asked to give them an advance payment of $ 3000. On this site I saw that some people say that maybe this is a scam. Tell me, did someone receive incoming calls from this phone number? Do you think this is fraud or are all similar campaigns working with prepayment?

I think you should check the caller history. My suggestion is don’t invest any penny with out make sure if they good company. I hope it will help you to take the right decision.

Did you request them to call you or was this just a telemarketing call?

be very wary of these type of people especially if there demanding up front payment

You dont sound like this is Private money or even hard money.
Hard money is based on the deal and would req you to have liquid funds in an account.
Private money is Private, why would someone u dont know be asking you for 3k???
Did u ask them for money and for what purpose?
You dont need money to assign a contract and you dont need money to wholesale except for marketing. So how do they have your info, etc???