Help Me Get Over My Bandit Sign Jitters

Okay guys. Bandit sign noob here. Today I cut my posts and nailed them. I made ten but didn’t plan on using all.

Its 1 am here. I went out at 12 to post them. My town is kinda small. Maybe 60k population. So I ended up driving around for awhile because I was nervous and sopts that looked great, werent when i went to post them. I dont want to stop in the middle of the street. I put up five, thats the goal I set for myself just in case I couldnt find spots or whatever. Didnt matter what I WAS putting out five.

For some reason I got real nervous when it came to sticking it in the ground. If there were car lights anywhere nearby I either circled around or parked and waited. I dont really know why I was so nervous. Maybe because Im really not supposed to be doing it. Or that that car coming is a cop.

Anyone else have this problem? Im definitely feeling better now that its over. I know next time I will be more confident. Sunday will be a confidence booster because if anyone asks or has a problem im just picking them up.

Im not really a shy person, especially around strangers so I dont know why I got so nervous.

Anyone have this problem or felt the same way when they did it? Im going to get over it, I just need your guys help along the way.

Are you afraid of wanting a better life for yourself?

I used to get nervous too; it’s normal. You have to have a GET-IT-DONE attitude. Everytime you pause or get nervous in your car, just tell yourself to get it done!

If the cops stop you, here’s 2 things you can say:

  1. I’m just doing this as a part time job because I really need the money and it pays well. Remember, the cops won’t know that it’s your signs that your putting up. You wanna tell them that you’re doing it for someone else… some big time investor who placed a HELP WANTED ad in the paper and you answered it. You get paid $18/hr and its great part-time money that u need to pay off debt or what ever.

  2. Go f*@# yourself, I’m tryin to get rich :biggrin

I’ve been stopped by the cops a few times. I just act like I don’t know its not allowed or they tell me to remove it and I do so.

One time a cop pulled up right next to me as I was putting up the sign. I just looked at him and smiled, realizing it’s too late to do anything else, and continued to hammer in the nail. He looked at me and said “You know that’s illegal” … I told him, “Yea?? But they’re everywhere” … then he said “Yea but on public property, so illegal.” … so I asked if he wants me to take it down, and he said “Na, I dont give a sh*t” … then he drove off lol.

Other times, the cops have told me to just remove them or said that the “person you work for will get a big fine if you keep this up” … little did they know I was doing it for myself :cool

I understand the feeling that you are having. A couple of years ago I got some magnets for my vehicle that said “Stop foreclosure, call Jared” or something like that. When I first put them on I was nervous to drive around, not sure of what people’s reaction would be. Did it stop me? Hell no! But was I a little nervous? Hell yes! I believe that when we start any journey that leads to change it is healthy to be a little nervous, but just like gilbequick said, remember why you are doing it, then DO IT!!! :beer

I only felt nervous when putting up “we buy houses” type signs because they’re illegal. I don’t have any problem putting up “rent to own” signs because the city makes an exception. I put up my RTO signs in the middle of the day too.

The nice thing about putting up RTO signs during the day is that people stop and ask about the house. Nobody has ever said boo to me about putting the sign up.

Lol I hope my cops are like that :smiley:

Thanks guys!

You’re probably not going to get arrested so don’t worry. They might tell you to take them down but that won’t kill you.

Think longer term…Think wealth.

Drive those stakes hard!


I know none of the above will happen. Thanks for the support. :slight_smile:

I was trying to think earlier…Ive felt this way once before in my life. I finally remembered. I was a really fat kid in junior high school (thanks Atkins), and I always got this way when it came time to swim in PE. It wasn’t what people would say, or that I would drown, it was what I thought of myself in teh situation. I really dont care what the people think driving by. I just think of myself in a bad light when people see me.

Man this is turning into some weird psychology stuff now…ah well. I feel better the day after. I might go back out tonight and put the other five out. Im thinking of leaving a few, especially the ones that are surrounded by the others that havent been taken down. I feel my response will be a lot better.

No calls yet, but I dont expect them yet.

THANKS guys!

Haha, you should have seen me!


Reminder to myself not to wear sandals next time.

Well guys just wanted to report that my signs fell down, so I took my step dads mini sledge (I used a ballpeen and that just didnt cut it) and went out again last night, this time at 2. Traffic was much quieter and I was much more confident.

A sheriff passed me at one of them too :slight_smile: Didnt stop.

This time I stuck them at least a foot in the ground, so they will stay. Im thinking of leaving them and seeing what happens. I dont think I will get in trouble because there is a guy who uses signs for his pest control business whos signs have been up forever. Im also on the fringes of city limits so I dont think it matters as much here.

Next week I think I will add two more, this time at the nearest BIG intersection. You know, one of those so developed only one corner has a patch of grass about 10x10.

Thanks guys for being here for me! You really helped me through it. Ill post an update if I get calls from either sellers or sign police, and next week when I post more.

Sounds like your thinking too small. Next week you might put up 2 signs in the BIG intersection? This is not a business you can tip toe into. Come on Enjoidc, PUT IT OUT THERE! MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!!! Go big or go home!!!

I guess that’s why the call them “bandit signs.”

Now, let’s all reminisce about the first liquor store we knocked over…

I remember it like it was yesterday…

I too started w/“the jitters” until the phone rang and I started making money. Yes some grouchy people called thinking they were doing the rest of the world a favor by attempting to read me the riot act. I even had a lady call and really complain how my sign was blocking Her sign at the premium location(50 feet apart) and how she went to so much trouble to place the illegal sign up that I should rush out and move mine.She felt it was “her” corner…I bit my tongue… She sells Avon !I told her not to worry, the signs would be gone tommorow from the Sign Police. She wanted to know where they kept all the "collected "signs so she could retrieve them. I gave her directions to the main office to ask for the Bandit Sign dept(at the Dump). Haven’t heard from her since…
All you need is one deal and it is all worth it. I go early in the mornings,6am, not to many people ,I can stop in the street, and people are busy getting to work wondering who to call about the real estate they can’t afford or don’t want …when all of a sudden…There’s yer sign !

So long as your up at night planting signs you should do yourself another favor. Get stickers printed up with your number and stick them on all the realtor’s signs, covering their phone numbers. That way your competition helps you :slight_smile:

Lol… Do people actually do this? I guess it’s no different than taking down someone else’s sign and putting your’s up…

That seems a little…underhanded…

Anyways. One of my signs got taken down, but the guy who owns the property put it back up! I think Ill get him a gift certificate for a pizza or something. That made my day.

There ARE nice people in the world. You just have to look hard.

Putting bandit signs all around town at 2 in the morning, was
for me, some cheap entertainment.

There’s nothing like the rush…except for rollin’ someone’s
yeah…it’s kinda like that.

Have fun with it.

Maybe I missed something…but why are you putting up the signs in the middle of the night anyway?

To avoid getting caught!