Help me figure out reasonable closing costs for a Refi


I bought a duplex all cash. We have rehabbed it and wish to Refi to pull our money out and keep the house as a rental.

we want to refi at 60 % LTV at a 15yr/fixed.

The mortgage broker offered 4.85% for a 15yr/fixed with zero point. But the closing costs are $4200.

These closing costs do not include any pre-payment of taxes or insurance.

There is a 1K broker fee, 750 Bank fee, 375 application fee
then 200 Escrow fee, 299 title insurance, 450 title exam, 286 title search, 96 currior fee, 25 wire fee
also, 325 recording fee, also 360 state tax/stamps

Help this is my first refi and I dont want to get bamboozled.

Those fees are about right. They are required to and typical nationwide (except in high end markets). The 1% fee is a break as some charge 2~3 times as much. The broker really isnt making much off your 75k loan and still has fixed overhead costs to cover. I dont think you’ll do much better.