Help me clarify!

Ok so heres the deal.

I have been looking at properties that are basically bungalows out east on long island that are cheap. I am basically comparing them to homes in the hood that with repair and construction can sell for a huge profit.

Now I have a few questions… If i get the property from a bird dog and I want to show the property to a rehab person that I would flip the home to at closing how can I do this? It seems to me there are a lot of people involved in the transaction…

Wouldn’t the homeowner be pissed if I bring a lot of people by the house that I am “showing” the home to?

Also, who pays ALL the fees for the home at closing? contract? binding? etc?

Howdy JP:

You pay the birddog and the buyer pays your fee. As a buyer I want to wait until closing and as a wholesaler I want to get paid up front. Some wholesalers ask for $1000 non refundable earnest money up front which is payable to them and at least get some of their fee at the contract signing. If you are doing a double close with a big fee you will get most of your fee at closing.

All the above is totally negotiable depending on the deal and the parties.