Help me build my buyer's list?!

Hello all,

I am a wholesaler and I am looking to build my buyer’s list. I am working mostly with single family homes in the metroeast area of IL and St. Louis, MO. Where should I look for interested parties? Also if you have any ideas to how I can build my list faster that would be great! Thanks!

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Do you have funds available for marketing?

How much are you looking to spend to build
up a buyers list?

Depending on your budget, there are a few
ways to target buyers for your properties.

-Flyers to your local REIA
-Letters to buyers who are actively buying
in your area
-Ads in the paper
-Signs around town.

Your copy should say something like:

30-50% off!!! Must Sell
Cheap Cheap House!

Think of creative ways to market and creative
ad copy and you’ll get buyers on your list FAST!