Help looking up court cases in Arizona

Hello, I know this may be too much of “helping the competition” but hopefully there is enough business out there for all of us. Anyway, I’m trying to look up probate/divorce/foreclosure/condemned code violation cases for Maricopa county. I’m at the clerk of court website for Maricopa County hoping to avoid going down town. Anyway, I’ve called them and they’re telling me that I need a court case number or a name of a person involved in the case. If these are public records and I don’t have this info, how can I, as the public, veiw this information? There’s got to be another way. I asked them if I go down there can I see a list of cases filed within the past week and they told me no. Any advise or suggestions?

Ah ha! I will reply to my own topic for those of you who are curious. You look it up using the county recorder instead of the clerk of court. Now I know. And you do too. ;D