Help - lease options in TX

Whats working in today’s market in place of lease options in TX? :help
I’m new to investing (but have done a lot of research lately), that is after spending about 7k for an investment program and getting burned. I really didn’t have the money but the good old LEASE OPTION investment technique sounded too good to be true. Turns out, I think it was (at least in TX).

Can anyone PLEASE help me with some other creative investing ideas that are currently working for us folks in TX?

If it matters, I am going to be controlling the properties in a creative way. I think I have read almost everything in this forum and still haven’t figured out what works! :frowning:

It’s illegal to do lease options in Texas. You can buy properties “subject to” taking over the debt. When selling you have to sell on a wrap around mortgage. So the end buyer will own the property as opposed to leasing it from you and qualifying for a loan down the road. It’s actually pretty good because if the buyer misses their payments you can get a person out of the property in 21 days in Texas as opposed to other states.

You can do LO’s in Texas but it has to be done in a certain way. Contact a Texas RE lawyer to find out how to do it.