*Help* Is this a Sub To deal?

I have a friend that came to me and wanted my advice on what to do with this deal. There is an elderly couple with 5 properties that they want to get rid of.

They are late on payments but there is very little to no equity on the properties. Is there anything she can do with these properties? She is trying to help them out while also trying to make a profit. Here are the details:

127k-0 equity-renter in place-1300/month Late Payments= 0

142k- 10k equity- renter in place-1200/month Late Payments=0

103k-7k equity-owner finance in place-1000/month Late Payments=5

115k-5k equity- owner finance in place-1200/month Late Payments=2

110k-5k equity-renter in place-1000/month Late Payments=2

Is there anyway for her to talk to the bank on some of these deals so that she doesn’t have to pay the late payments? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Hello Nato,
The payments listed…are they what the tenants are paying or are they the mort payments?
No Real equity in any of them. just wondering if any of them are cash flowing. Why are they late ? or do you mean they are not paid at all ?