Help! is anyone having any luck with this?

Hello guys,

I listened to the webinar a couple of weeks ago on the LIEN JUDGMENTS from Mike Warren. I actually signed up for the course on a heavy Impulse. However I looked online for any success stories and I didn’t even come across a SINGLE ONE!, I saw more posts on how this could actually be a SCAM. I haven’t successfully gotten a refund yet. Now I’m feeling buyer’s remorse like crazy. Is anyone out there with some success with this program?

please let me know your experience.


You know, really, what do you have to lose?

Take the friggin’ training, and if you think it’s worthless afterward, than get a refund.

If there’s no negative information on this guy, that probably means there’s nothing negative to say about this guy.

Have you ever found anyone who didn’t have something negative to say, not put it online …somewhere?

I mean one of the truly most reliable, if not informative, and up-to-date “gurus” on wholesaling and lease/options is Ron Le Grand. Guess what? You don’t have to look very far to find some knucklehead saying bad things about him, or that his training doesn’t work, or is a waste, or something ignorant, and unicorn-chasing.

Frankly, there’s not much new news on Liens, except that the laws and redemption periods are different everywhere you shop. Not to mention the competition for the low-hanging fruit kind of forces any serious lien investors to go industrial strength, to make it profitable.

Grow some, and take the training, and make what you learn work. Otherwise, I’m suspicious that your a ‘no work, no effort, work in your underpants’ kind of unicorn herder.

And if you didn’t pay at least $700 for the training, then you’re not really buying serious material anyway, and you should step up your game. Just saying.

Liens, judgments, and the like are very profitable…I know first hand and have profited from these for over 25 years…$900 for education is a small price to pay…and like my pal in So. Cal said, take the training you paid for…then, make it work so you can post online a good testimony and justify your investment in the course.

You think this is expensive?!! Try lacking education and you will need a calculator to figure out what the lack of knowledge has cost you.

Hope this helps.