Help! Information needed on HML

I am a new member and I need advice on Hard Money Lenders.
Where can I find HMLs? I have 4 duplexes I am looking at buying (@ 40% of Market value) and flipping.

HML is very easy to find - it’s everywhere. Where do you live? To get HML, you need a property that you can purchase AND repair for a total of 65% of what the property will be worth when it is finished being repaired. This would be called 65% of the ARV (after repaired value). It sounds like you have a great deal with the duplexes. Are you going to get an HML and repair the properties then sell them for market value? Or are you going to get into contract and assign the contract to another investor for a fee? Is the 40% market value 40% of the ARV? Or is it 40% of the “as-is” value?

Anyway, depending on where you live, if you want to re-assign the contract to another investor for a fee and not bother with HML or financing of any kind, I would definitely be interested.

There is many places to find hard money you can get HML loan from a range of sources

From 65%-80% LTV and interest rates for 8%-21% interest with 0-5 points it is in how you structure it and who you know!

Also, this site has been incredibly helpful for figuring out my financing options: - click on the “grapevine” link second from the left on the top row. It’s simply a forum where brokers and investors post ALL KINDS of loan scenarios and the response is fantastic. Just type in any loan scenario you have and see if there are people out there who can do it.


I stay in Wisconsin and I am open to re-assigning contracts. What would be the average fee for that?

The fee for something like that would be anywhere between $500 - $4,000. Those are the ranges I have seen.