Help Im trying to buy raw land and...

A woman I have been dealing with for a while signed a contract before I clud get her a written offer. She now wants out of the contract she is under to sign my contract. I don’t know how to help her. She has no clue what she is doing and Im trying to help. ???

Hello, You may want to move your question to the “Asset Protection, Legal” forum.

well I am trying to buy raw land and the contract would be different than a residential or commercial contract. is the word “Land” not in the title of this forum? if not msybe I am in the wrong place.

if so Sorry

Thanks for your help

Hello, My understanding is that your trying to help her get out of her contract. That would be a legal situation. Otherwise, hope that her other contract doesn’t follow through.

In order for a contract to be legal it must meet certain requirments. Review the document and see if you can find an out:

  1. parties must me 18 and compitaint
  2. document must be legal (i.e. fall within the law)
  3. consideration must have been demonstrated (did money pass hands?)
  4. must have a deadline to close (i.e. 90 banking days from ratification)
  5. must have an offer and acceptance (usually state what is being offered for sale and price and have a signature for acceptance)

In a situation like this you may want to seek legal advise.

Good luck!
Stephen R. Lazarz