Help, I need advice on how to sell a property within the next 30-45 days

I own several vacant lots that I need to desperately sell off within the next few weeks or else I will lose all the money I invested into the property. I am deliquent with the taxes, so unless I’m able to quickly make a sale I will risk losing a substantial amount of money. I’m willing to take a loss and sell the property for far less than market value, but I just don’t know the best way to find interested people to speak with. At one point I had the land listed with an agent but I recently cancelled the listing so that I can try to aggresively look for a potential buyer on my own. If any investors out there could offer some advice I would be really grateful, I’m desperate right now.

Craigslist, ebay, local newspaper ads. Do you know any builders or developers in your area? Is there a local Real Estate Investors Association? Are there any local mobile home dealers who advertise land/home packages?

Call all those numbers you see on billboards, “We buy with Cash” etc

Local REI club may have contacts for you also. Like the previous poster, list them on Craigs and any online listing services you can, ASAP. Mark them way down so you will get interest.

Thanks for the advice Justin and Brian. I’m going to work on writing up a good copy for Craigslist tonight, can you recommend another good place to advertise online? I’m also going to try and find out what REI clubs are in my area as well. Thanks for the tips guys.


relist the property in the MLS… This time use an Open listing agreement or a Agency agreement… NOT an Exclusive… This way you also have the opportunity to sell your property without incurring a commission if you are successful.

Also go to your local building department and pull the recent permits for new homes and call the builders who are still actively building…

Buy some BLANK Bandit Signs and plaster them all around the area that the vacant lots are located. Hand write this message on them:

Must Sell
Vacant Lots
$ C H E A P $