Help! I got screwed...

I bought a condo near the Pentagon in Arlington and I was told no additional plans were in the works that would make the owners pay for it. The next month a $2M project is approved and I get hit with a $6,800 bill.

On top of that, the drilling is so loud I can’t sleep (I work nights)

My question is do I have a right to sue the seller for these damages? Thank you for any advice.


You can sue anybody for anything. All you have to do is prove the seller knew the additional work was likely and kept that information from you.

Thanks for the response. Can you go into more detail please? Thank you.


Did the seller lie to you? Did he mis-represent the facts or did he disclose everything he believed to be true at the time he said them? What was actually written down? What were the terms of the contract? What was said to you? You may or may not have a case. It depends on the specific facts of the situation.

In the disclosure packet that I was given, it did not have any upcoming projects in it. I think the seller did know about what was coming, which is part of the reason she was trying to sell. Her fiance was in charge of security for our building so I am convinced there was at least some talk about the a $2M project that was starting in a month!

What kind of lawyer handles cases like this? Any recommendations? Thanks.

I would ask for a 30 minute consult with an attorney who specializes in real estate contracts. He should give you a thumbs up or down on your chances. They key is proof. If you have no proof, you have no case.

Not entirely true. An attorney would need to accept the case, and if they deem there is little if no chance to win, you will not be able to sue.

Most attorneys require a retainer and will take a loser if the client will pay. Few cases are accepted on contingency and most of those are settled quickly. Also, nothing prevents David from filing on his own behalf unless there is a peculiarity in VA law unfamiliar to me.