Hey Everyone

This morning there was a message on my answering machine from a realtor who was “mining” the area

I figured this would be a great opportunity to possibly get a realtor onboard with me ;D

The “problem” is that I am very new, still reading, still trying to find my way, no deals as of yet

Will she take me seriously? What do I say to her?

Should I just be honest & tell her how new I am or will I just be wasting her time?

I figured she since pretty much just popped up out of nowhere, I can start with her

Just in case she doesn’t bite, what approach should I use in the future to get myself a realtor

Any other advice/suggestions would be great!


JG 8)

Might as well take her up on her offer. If it works out, great. In any event you should always be looking for something better.

What do you mean looking for something better?

I don’t even know what to say :-[

Interestingly enough, a letter came to my house saying almost the same thing :o

Another company/realtor “mining” my area, do this mean its a hot area or something? ???

one way is called the ‘fake it till u make it’ method.

u call up the realtor and tell her you a real estate investor.
tell her you’re looking for properties that are under market.
tell her you’ll be using her a lot and that she’ll need to kick back
some of her commission. if you dictate the terms she can either
accept or refuse. guess what, they accept if they’re a broker.
if they’re an agent they have no bargaining power. use a broker.

then have them send blanket offers on all listings at 70% of listing price. 1 in every 100 will counter. thats who you work
with. i have a friend who’s done this for years. he buys about
4 homes a year this way. not a very good batting average
but he makes 200k a year.

Hey, Jerseygirl,

I’d be honest with them. It sounds like they are hungry, ambitious, agressive, or all of the above. All can be good, for you.

I wouldn’t rely on them alone, though. The more people you have working for you, the better off you’ll be.

I drive areas I am interested in…you will usually find realtors who are already ‘farming’ the area, by the number of signs. Give them all a call. You have nothing to loose!

Good Luck

Thanx everyone for your responses! :wink:

Ok here’s another question

Is the MLS national or local?

Someone told me that it can be both, which can add to my confusion

Someone contacted me from off the boards, a realtor but she is not from my area, but she offered to help me in any way that she can

I’m wondering IF she can being that she’s not from Jersey

So does it matter where she’s from? Or does it?

Or should I just put her on my “list” of team members?

JG ???