HELP _How to negotiate a release of Abstract Judgement?

Bought a non homesteaded property from texas tax foreclosure sale.

Now have a contract to sell, but title is clouded by an Abstract Judgment. I missed this in my title search because it’s on the wife’s name, her first name, everything else including deeds were listed with her middle name only.

Judgement is for $9500. plus 10% interest since 1997. The AJ was filed in our county in 1998 and is good for ten years.

I talked to the collection attorney, and he was not familiar with this file, but said he would try to find it. He also said he is able to settle for 85% of face value plus court costs. OUCH!!

I actually thought this got wiped out with the tax foreclosure, but it’s a bit tricky. I don’t the tax attorny included them in the suit, probably missed her name just like I did.

I know that I can buy this debt, then have something for my money, but I really only need a partial release for my building.

How do I approach this?

Thanks for the help.

Anybody ever bought an AJ ?