Help! How do I get Postmen & Utility people on my Birdo

Alright folks, I’d like to approach my neighborhood postman as well as the occasional utility/service person to an oppurtunity to birdog for me. What is the best way to go about this, especially keeping in mind that it may not be allowed? I need to get these folks on my team looking for vacancies for me. Any ideas? Thanks.
See ya at the top!

I’ve always had more success with people if I showed a way that I can help them. In this case you tell them if you find this type of property…and you can offer me the name and address this is what you get!__fill in blank. It really istn’t costing them any more time just a little bit of effort. I would recommend printing some business cards that simply has $1000 really large :eyes and then have your name address, phone, etc. This card will help grab their attention, cost is only $20.

Win-Win Investing to you, Shawn