HELP! How do I find rehabers quick.

I have a big problem. Have a house that I intended to rehab. I sat on it too long and now it has been red tagged. The county says repair must start within thirty days. My contractor is tied up on a job in Florida and my handi-man is out of commission due to surgery.
I need to sell it asap. What do you think is the best way to get the information out? Craigs list? Dispay Ad? I don’t have a strong network of contacts in this area.
Have any of you ever auctioned a property? I am thinking of trying this approach. I would appreciate all creative ideas.

Lots of construction people are out of work right now. It shouldn’t be any problem to get another contractor in there doing a few small jobs.

The county wants it started in 30 days, not finished.

Thanks tatertot, My partner/husband would prefer to sell at this time.
I did get a hold of a few investors that I know. One of them does have a crew that he doesn’t have tied up. They walked the property yesterday and are going to give an estimate. I’m expecting the estimate to come in around the same price range that I got two months ago. ($12,000. -$15,000.) He also set up some buyers to check it out. This is in one of the active rental investment areas in Montgomery.
Last summer I had offers on the place and it was not for sale. Darn hind site is 20/20, shoulda woulda coulda sold for a bigger profit. Now it’s up for bid. Anyone want to start the bidding at $100.00? Just kidding! for now anyways.
I did call one of the investors that made a fair offer in July to see if they are still buying and interested. He said he was coming up from Florida today and would talk to his partner.
I guess I shouldn’t complain I picked up this house from an old man for pennies and closing costs.