Help! How do I find properties to flip?

Help! I have my rehabbers in line, but I need to know of good sure fire ways to bring motivated sellers to me. I’ve called some home owners and found out they were NOT in dire need or motivated to sell right away- even when they’re in the market to sell. I want sellers TO COME TO ME. I think that’s the way to work smart, not hard.

What are good ways that are proven to bring me houses that I can flip? Need good marketing techniques. Many investors do classified ads- but they ALL are the same. They are a dime a dozen - I’d like something different that works either with classifieds or signs or something- that will get sellers to call me FIRST and not be one of many saying ‘I buy houses’ .

If anyone can share with me what has worked for you to find good properties that I can wholesale to a rehabber- please show me how!

thankfully yours- Krissy


There are many gurus out there that will show you how to get motivated sellers to call you. Of course they want you to buy their course for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

And you want it for free in a few sentences. Bandit signs, green sheet, direct mail, landlords, driving for yuks, evictions etc. all bring in leads. Your job is to be willing to target market with material that will make them want to call you. How about a letter to landlords that says you want to buy their house for cash at FMV within two weeks. Now, your idea of fair market and theirs may be different. You can prescreen blanket letters by sending them through voice mail or a web site to answer questions that measure motivation.

If there was a magic bullet would you sell it or keep it for yourself. There isn’t but there are concepts and approaches. Does your sign or ad say 100% of value?

I use direct mailing to find motivated sellers. There are also signs, newspaper ads, bird dogs, vacants, etc. Figure out what is best for you in your area and then do it.