Help guys!!!

Any financing people out there, this is for you,

“thought” I had financing lined up with mortgage broker for a HUD home. It seems like he is dicking me around all of a sudden. Changing interest rates, 3 year prepayment as opposed to 1 year like he originally told me, pushing for an ARM- when I told him absolutely not I wanted fixed , etc. The thing is our time limit to close on this house is Aug. 1st. I would like to know if theres some kind of “backup” that I can do so I don’t lose this house. I want to make sure I close on this house before or on the date. I’ve been pushing him to close earlier, but I keep getting the run around.

My FICO keeps going dow everytime he pulls it. My mid was around 620 or so, now its below 600, I think around 590??? The mortagage guys wife is a realtor, I think they are trying to get back at me for not letting her sell the houe to me- just a thought, thats the feeling I get when talking with her ( she is all of a sudden in charge of my paperwork- I think they’re trying to zap me for the differance that she would have made)

I am in the dallas/ft worth area. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks