Help Guide My Financing Please

New investor – I’m self employed with 2+yr old business. Business has little credit, never borrowed money before. I have no credit card debt, 2 auto loans = 450/mo, mortgage 1300/mo, schl loan 150/mo. I have 750+ credit score. I want to flip and wholesale because I think my reserves are a little low (especially after a purchase) to hold anything right now. If you see different, please share.

Available liquid:

Personal Banking: 20K
Business Banking: 20K

What is the best way to finance my first deal given the above info?

Thank you for helping me.

If you are going to hold the property, you may be best off putting 10% down, depending on the sales price and how much 10% is. The reason is that you would receive much better terms on 90% investment property financing than if you borrow over 90%. However, if you can borrow 100% and still cash flow, that would be recommended. If your goal is to sell the property for profit in a short time (a year or less), I would say keep you money liquid and borrow 100%.

There are many things to consider when you’re coming up with an investment strategy and it would be advisable to start working closely with professionals that can help advise you as the best course of action.