Help for a newbie..

How do I find a good real estate attorney in Los Angeles that understands the ins and outs of flipping property, sub to’s, etc.?
If not a specific attorney, perhaps a group or organization?

Thanks in advance for your help!

probably not the answer you were looking for keep in mind they work for you I interviewed 10 before I hired my attorney. Also there are some great REI clbs in your area check into them. If you do not mind my asking what are you going to make your primary focus?

Thanks reoconsultants. I have investigated some REI clubs in my area and it seems most specialize on rehabbing whereas I’d like to focus on subject tos, owner financing and lease/options. I’m still going to check out a few meetings but based on the specific speakers, topics, etc. (rehabbing, financing for rehabbing, etc) I’m not sure what I’ll come up with. Of course, it can’t hurt to check it out.
Thanks for the advice!