Help for a Complete New Guy

Hello everyone, I am as stated above completely new to this. I have read a few books and even paid for a seminar from…well I honestly dont even remember as that was a few years back. Due to the economy work has been pretty slow lately and the fear of not having control of my own future has led me back to real estate. This time however with the attitude that I HAVE to succeed no matter what. I have been thinking about starting with Bird dogging/wholesaling with the future goals of owning Multi Family Units and apartments. From what I’ve read around here Eric Medemar has some great stuff, problem is I am in the same exact market…Grand Rapids, MI. I saw on his website he doesnt allow purchases in his market so I will respect his wishes as far as that goes. No need to step on any toes. So does anyone have any other ideas

Eric has bought over $15,000,000 worth of real estate. I say buy up $15,000,000 also until he decides he can’t compete with you and moves to Las Vegas or Florida and buys some condo projects.

I’m guessing that was thinly veiled sarcasm?

I am not going to cede any area to anybody. Nobody can buy all the deals. He is saying he can’t eat the whole pie so he will let some of it go fallow.

All the houses for sale are not deals. If I get a bid I will buy the house. I will not, however, overpay for a house.

Bluemoon06 is correct. I live in southwest lower Mi. and there are so many deals here that time will not allow me or any one else to corner the market.

Thats a great point guys, I appreciate the positive attitude there. Admittedly it made me a little hesitant at first.

yeah work wherever you want. if this is his stipulation to buy his course, find another course/mentor. No one is that good.