Help First Franklin Wants To Order Full Appraisal For Short Sale

:shocked How can I influence an actual appraiser. I’ve done it for the BPO but this is totally different. Experts please help :help :help :help

What are you trying to do?

I take it you’re trying to get the price down.

You do it the same way as a BPO.

Take coffee and donuts, point out everything that’s wrong, tell them what you expect to pay minus a few thousand.

Yes I’m trying to get the price down. Its a new house closed 12/05 and doesn’t need any work really. I know that as of 6/06 the builder closed out new homes 80K less.

Tell them what you want to pay for it. ask them what they think it is worth. give to their ego. Look for REO comps and bring them with you. If you can’t find any tell him that your buying another house and you are having trouble finding market value. Ask him what he will charge you for an appraisal. Get his card…Call him the next day and set it up with him it may cost you $250 but it can gain you $10,000. If all else fails stress how much you are tring to help the home owners out. Good Luck!!

Thanks guys I really appreciate this site.