help finding property owners mailing address

Hey REIClub,may God bless you all in your endeavors. I am having a problem locating distressed & vacant property owners correct mailing addresses. I have gone to the tax assessors & tax collectors office to retrieve the names & mailing addresses. Unfortunately many of my mailing are coming back to me (not deliverable as addressed-unable to forward) & (attempted not known) I feel like a baseball player who never get a chance to swing at a pitch, or in my case make an offer to an owner. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you :slight_smile:


If you have exhausted the traditional sources, you may want to explore a paid service such as You will have to shell out a few bucks, so make sure you think the property is worth it.

Good luck


Thanks Barry, you the man

Have you tried You do have to have one person’s last Name and a Street Name and the correct zip code, but when the Name and the Street do come up just click on the Street Name and you will have a list of all of the other people who live on that same street. I found them to be fairly accurate and updated within 6 months.

Good luck to you. is definately a good source. You can also check the court house for deeds, death certificates, marriage certificates, etc. Sometimes these will give an address for an heir or personal representative. Also speak to the neighbors, you’d be surprised how much they know, especially if it’s a property you are very interested in. Kathy