Help finding BIRDDOGS in the Denver area?

Hello fellow investors. I need some help. I am looking for Birddogs in the Denver area and I would like to know what sources you have used in the past successfully to locate good Birddogs?

You might try a post in the BIRD DOGS, WHOLESALING Newsgroup.

You can try an ad in the newspaper, you can try networking at your local REIA, you can try the classifieds section on this site (see the sidebar for a link), you can try

Thanks for the suggestions. What is the going rate for payment of birddogs. It probably varies depending on the area but give me an idea of the price ranges in your area and what you pay birddogs.

I’m actually in Denver and I have a bird dog that I use quite a bit. I usually pay him a “consulting fee” of $3-5K depending on the deal.

What price range properties are you dealing with when you pay $3-5K consulting fee to your birddog?. Are you dealing with properties that are over $300,000 in most cases?

How are people structuring their ads for bird dogs in the classfieds, newspaper ads and craigslist (especially craigslist) do any one have any samples they can share?