Help finding 2nd mortgage

USDA has property on auction friday. I can’t get anyone from USDA to call me back. I went to the court house and found out it had a 2nd mortgage so I went to amsouth and they couldn’y find out who they sold it to. They said they thought they sold it to peoples well they didn’t have it. Then they called first farmers and they didn’t have it. Then they called E trade and I guess they didn’t have it either because amsouth said I would have to wait until monday and fax over a request to the research department at etrade to see if they could find it. How can USDA sell this house if they don’t know who the 2nd mortgage holder is? Amsouth also never filed paper work at the court house when it was sold. Has anyone ran in to this before? Does anyone have any ideas on what I need to do? where to search online? Also nobody wants to talk to me because I am not the borrower, I don’t have a loan number or a SS# of the borrower. I need help any ideas? Thank You in advance Charity

The first can sell regardless of what the 2nds interest is. What are you trying to accomplish?


I was told that they couldn’t do that, there wouldn’t be a clear title. I talked to someone else and they said it didn’t matter and it would have a clear title. If they didn’t come and bid on it that the 2nd mortgage was out of luck. Is that correct?