I have a realtor that sends me great deals throught MLS, When I contact him should I explain up front that I will assign the contracts and do not want to “actually” aquire the property, but just want to lock it up for my end buyer? Any ideas how to go about this transaction with a realtor??

I’m not sure that the realtor you are working with is your issue. The issue may be the realtor who listed the property you are interested in on the MLS. The question is, will THEY want to deal with a wholesaler?

If it’s a good deal, just put it under contract w/ “and/or assigns”. The Realtor is obligated to submit the offer to the Seller.

This is the best choice. I was a realtor for a few years myself and if it’s in the contract then what can we say or do…as long as the seller agrees to it then more power to you.

As far as being upfront about being a wholesaler. YES. By all means. You don’t want to waste the realtor’s time (and just as important your own time) hiding behind a front. Besides, the realtor may have some deals he’s waiting for the “right” person to ask about. (Some realtors are investors too)
If one of my clients wasted my time like that I’d stop working with them. i wouldn’t be able to trust them afterwards. I hate liars and those that choose to deceive, with hidden agendas. But that’s just me speaking personally…

Never question if you are qualified to work with a realtor, quesion if the realtors is qualifed to work with you. I am a realtor and a wholesaler, and realtors call me daily begging me to buy properties regardless of who closes on them. Realtors get paid either way whether you assign a contract or not.

By thinking of yourself as nothing less than the best, and knowing that Realtors need you far more than you need them, you will come to see alot of good deals roll your way. Needy investors, who are unsure unsure of themselves will not get the deals because other people can pick up on your insecurities.