Help displaced families

I have been watching the tragedy enfold since Katrina wiped out the infrastructures in the towns and citys it hit.

Wanting to help, but not having the rescources to do enough on my own, I began to think about a solution for at least a few of the survivors.

Within our investing community there are many who own apartment buildings, houses and duplexes.

If anyone has the ability to offer a family or families, accomodation in one or more of their properties, consider doing so for a short time, or for 6 months or even a year. After that, you could help them buy the property by not requiring the usual credit, deposits, etc.

Offer someone a job in your company. There are thousands of qualified people out of work with no place to go.

Some of us have staging businesses that could supply furnishings.

All of us can write a check to the Red Cross, Salvation Army or to any of the many volunteer organizations sending supplies, busses, etc. to the people stranded in the horrible aftermath of Katrina.

Provide bus tickets, gas, water, anything you would need if you or your family was there, unable to communicate or leave.

Call and e-mail everyone you have on your list to assist in someway.

We all can do something. We are all a part of this just as we were in 9-11.

As citizens of the USA, we are bleeding together, hurting together, crying together. We can heal together.

Great words SKH!

Here’s a couple more thoughts:

(1) Let’s cut ALL of the aid to do reloactions in the Gaza and the West Bank – use that money to help relocate our own folks

(2) Let’s go back to all of the countries that we have provided TRILLIONS of dollars to over the years that are now self-sufficient (France, Germany, France, Japan, Israel, France, Russia, France, etc.) and remind them that they still haven’t paid back any of htat money yet and perhaps now would be a great time! (Did you know that the only country to pay it’s war debt for World War II to the US is Finland?)…and did I mention that France could help? We bailed them out of THREE wars in the 20th Century alone!



Way to go Keith. I agree that it is about time that some of these other countries return some of the aid that we have provided for decades.

Maybe if we would quit worrying about supposed “humanitarian” efforts around the globe and worry about the needy right here! I say supposed efforts as there is always some kind of motive for offering help. (political alliances, oil, cheaper trinkets. etc.)

We as American’s can be self supportive, and we continually prove that, but it is time for us to call in some markers!

I am not going to bash current political figures but :bash:

Sorry, I got carried away.

SKHunter is right every little bit helps. Even the little things right now are worth more than gold. Most of all, let us act like the good people that we truly are…deep inside.

Be the “good neighbor” do what you can to help our fellow man/woman.

God Bless!

While I’m not right on top of the real action, I’m only a few hundred miles away in NW Louisiana…for those of you that don’t know, I work at a VA Hospital. They have closed the VA Hospital in New Orleans (it is near the Superdome) and the VA Hopital in Biloxi for obvious reasons and are relocating hte patients to nearby locations (Here, Alexandria, Houston, Jackson, etc.). So, I’m seeing these folks up-close and personal…we also have a ton of these folks here in town at the relocation shelters.

These folks want:

(1) To know that someone cares more about them than they do themselves
(2) That they and their families will be safe
(3) To be out of the elements
(4) To be fed and given drink
(5) To be HUGGED and told it will be OK!
(6) NOT to be screwed over by the greedy
(7) To know that their belongings will not be raped, pillaged and plundered in their absence.

These folks are extremely appreciative of everything that they are being given…they are willing to pay their way to the extent that they can.

The @$$holes you see on TV doing any sort of despicable things are NOT typical of the fine folks of Louisiana (this is my adoptive home!).

Please open you hearts and give as you can.


As The Great Teacher said we don’t have to do the big things, just a cup of water. While He meant it figuratively, literally that is all most of those folks really need! Great posts above. This is our chance to give back what has come our way.