help creative financeing

im a beginer invester,i found a property im interested in. its 5 units 3-2 bd 1 bath and 2-1 bd 1 bath yearly income 17.500 all units bank involved owner financeing there asking 185000 with 25%down carry at 10% fully amoritized for 25 to 30 years.needs whole lot of work.i need help with several creative financeing offers.i have about 30000 cash to work with and ill need to do or start repairs with some of a handyman so materials are all im looking at and maybe cheap labour for extra pair hands on some of it.i know you probly need more info but dont want to make this message to long

One drawback is that it is 5 units. No 1-4 unit loans. True commercial lending. Good that it is owner financing, bad that it is 25% down and 10%.

Probably bad that it is in a low income area. That would normally mean high turnover of tenants.

I would try for holding the title in a land trust and try to use your money for fix up fith the fix up costs as part of the the 25% down. I would also ask for right of first refusal to buy the note and I would ask for a discount if I could pay it off in the first year or so.

Priortize your expenditures to maximize the returns. Cosmetics are usually less that roofs, HVAC etc and get rents up faster.

Look for a commercial lender to see what you can get for terms and rates. Consider selling after fixup if value has been increased enough.