HELP! *Cant find a good source to get deals!!

Hi. I’ve been trying to get a good deal in Queens NY. But for the past 5 months I’ve had nothing come to fruit. I’ve tried working with about 9-10 Realtors. I tried calling FSBO’s even REOs but nothing!! no one is willing to accept my offers. What am I doing wrong? I’m very annoyed at the fact almost all owners/banks want say 490k for a handyman property that needs 85-100k in repair with ARV of say 530-550k Are they other sources for potential deal that I don’t know of.
Honestly I feel like giving up.

How many offers have you submitted? and how many FSBOs did you call? What other marketing methods have you done, how often, how consistent?

I’ve submitted about 50 offers to FSBOs , roughly 28 to banks and 31 with Realtors. I made sure I kept track of all my offers. I placed flyer’s around supermarkets and such. The most recent deal I passed up was a fire damage house that needed 100k, at least , the owner wanted 310k AND the neighborhood is kinda rough (also the ARV was 400-435k) —these are the deals popping up more and more often !

Try joining your local REIA and see what the successful investors in your area are doing. Are thay finding deals? If so, how? Alsol, determine if there are any wholesalers or birddogs there that have good deals. Often, distressed landlords will offer their properties to other investors at the REIA.

Good Luck,


What is the criteria that your Realtors are using to find you what you’re looking for? Have them look for certain keywords, “needs work, motivated, must sell, estate, fixer-upper, relocating, divorce, moving, etc”, have them query for properties that have been on the market the longest (DOM), and you might want to see if they will give you a list of the expired listings as well.