Help! Can I short Sale my deceased parents home?

My father passed away last month only a year and 3months from the time my mother died. I need to find out what I can do. The balance is about half the homes value and the pre-forclosure letter was sent about 3 weeks after my father died.

Oh! And did I mention…THERE IS NO WILL. I am thinking this might be my chance to actually take real ownership of the house, if it is possible.

Anyone with any ideas or knowledge? :banghead

You need to see a lawyer.

He will appoint an executor and fill you in on the rest.

It will be messy.

If the home’s worth twice the mortgage there won’t be a short sale, but you could buy it from the estate for the balance owed.

Did anyone notify the bank of his death?

Did I mention you need a lawyer?

If he died intestate it’s possible it could all go to the state.