Help build a list of free real estate e-book links

Tim! Please let the links stand, they can help educate your visitors and add valuable knowledge to your boards in the long run. Thanks, Dan.

Hi folks! :~) Well this weeks adventures have me in search of links to free real estate e- books, so if you know of a great e book which somehow relates to real estate or has the potential to be, then please add your valuable insights below. I’m going across the web in search of what is available and would greatly appreciate any insights that you may be able to provide. Rest assured I will post the results of everyone’s inputs when the search is concluded. Thank you so much for anything you may be able to contribute. Dan Auito

My meager starter list below (has been modified by moderator):

Note: Some sites may require registration, and log in as a new user, just cut everything after .com to get initial access if that is the case, happy hunting! :~)

Will do. Below are some that are available here and more will be coming.

Folks, please don’t self-promote (even though I am essentially). If it’s your own ebook, please contact Dan directly through email or PM. He’s notorious for posting long resource lists on various discussion boards. It’s worthwhile to get on his lists. Thanks.

Dan, once you have your list completed, please send me a copy. One of the items coming soon will be a “freebies” page where I plan to list good free resources. Thanks.

Thanks for the good words and resources Tim. You know I’ll be back to give you every piece of the puzzle I find. Give me a couple weeks to ensure I’ve looked under every rock! Dan :wink:

Tim, I am still in the process of collecting and then will be eliminating the books that are more of an advertisement, If you feel any of these are really not of much value could you and the crew here give me your opinions on what you think should go in the trash heap! Thanks for being a sounding board on this little project. Dan

P.S. I gave the authors credit for the books you suggested if that is o.k?

My meager starter list below (has been edited by moderator): (4 free finance e-books) (nice beginners guide from Barry) (scroll to sign up for free book) Pete (negotiate those foreclosures) Thanks Joe! (Subscribe to get 2 free e-books)

I’ve been modifying the list, removing bad links, removing duplicates, removing those that are not actually ebooks, and removing those not specific to real estate investing. Folks shouldn’t have to check all these out just to find the REI ebooks. The remainder list isn’t large.

I’m not saying there isn’t value in some of those links, but many were not ebooks or specifically related to REI.

Is there a way you can categorize them for the final list? When I get around to the Freebies page, it will list Ebooks, Forms, etc. so folks know what they’re getting.

I could list hundreds of free ebooks. There are entire sites devoted to nothing else and anyone could find these sites.

However, since the pain is in sorting through them to find good ones, the value in this list would be that it helps investors and that someone has reviewed the material and thinks it’s worth having. Thanks.

There is just no arguing with logic Tim. I think you have made an excellent point, now where did that list go. HMMM ???

What about this one Tim? What’s the consensus?