I had an owner finance 3 mobile homes and a house and I’ve fallen behind on payments. I cannot make them. It is in the name of an LLC. I have just a few questions:

  1. How does this effect me personally (creditwise, etc.)?

  2. Does the owner get the property back or is it auctioned off at the courthouse steps?

  3. Are there any solutions for me?

  1. depends. did you personally guarantee or otherwise obligate yourself?

  2. depends.

  3. depends. Sell. Negotiate.

Good to see you back, Mark.

What were the terms of the agreement between YOU/LLC?

Did you put a down payment with purchase?

How long have you owned the properties?

How far behind on the payments are you?

Help us Help YOU… :biggrin


how the heck do you now know the answers to these questions?

that’s freakin scary.