help a college kid out!!!

Hello, im a college junior from MD going to a good school majoring in something that has nothing to do with real estate. i have been watching the Carleton Sheets infomercials for a few months now and began an interest in real estate. within the past two weeks i have quit my dead end job(i may go back) and i am looking to get serious about the business. i want to know what is the better book to help me out,the “No Money Down: upgraded for the 2000s” by Robert Allen or should i buy a Carleton Sheets book on the internet? Also what kind of advice would you give to someone who is 20 and does not have much money. From what i here the Sheets program is more about buying properties and holding onto them to get cash flow, i would rather flip the homes. would the Ron Legrand program be better for that? well i look foward to the responses…THANKS!!! ;D

If you want to flip homes I would go with Ron LeGrand. You can buy his latest book online or in stores and that will give you the basics. Also you could go to his website where there are message boards and very helpful investors.

Ron’s book is also available here…

Have you checked out any of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” books? they will teach you the “why” to invest, when starting out everyone must have their why before “how”. Then you can move on to the “how” like carlton sheets and ron legrand. All of these books can be found at this web site in the books section. Good luck and stick with.