Help!! 2nd lien holder rejected my SS!!

I am dealing with a seller in VA.
his 1st loan balance is about 293K, 2nd is 78K.
I made an offer for 270K. 2nd lien holder’s BPO is 279K.
I just got a call from 2nd lender.
They can not accept the SS offer if they can not get any money from this sale and they will pursue the deficiency judgement.
I am waiting the 1st lender’s answer.
I know, if the house is the owner’s primary residence, owner can be waived for the deficiency judgement.
What if the 1st lien holder doesn’t allow the 2nd lien holder get any money and 1st lien holder approve this sale?
How can I convince the 2nd lien holder?
Waht can I do?
Pleass help!!

Try to negotiate a lien release. Unless they plan on buying the house at auction they will have to consider your offer. I just did one where the second told me that they will pursue a judgement for the balance, but that they would release the lien for $xxxx. My homeowner is filing for bankruptcy in april so it doesn’t matter much to him.

Make the case for homeowner’s hardship to the 2nd. Then, send them the BPO. Make sure you hilight all the other foreclosures in the neighborhood so they can see that they will really really get NOTHING if the thing goes to foreclosure. Offer $1000 and go up to 1% if it still fits your calculations. They’ll take anything over nothing as long as you can prove to them that the BPO is accurate.

I’ve gone to the extent of including local newsclippings of preditions of rise in foreclosures and deliquencies to show lenders how bad it will get in my area.