heloc question

i am ready to take out a heloc. i got my credit report and am currently disputing one transaction. should i wait until the dispute is resolved to apply. p.s. credit scores are not bad now

with those scores,

you shouldn’t have a problem getting a HELOC…


Jason Vogler

If it is just one don’t worry about it with your scores

I would go a head and get your HELOC and just so you know and most brokers won’t tell you this and if you have good credit which you do is go to your local bank or credit unions to get your HELOC they are usually NO COST LOANS which means that if you borrow 100k you get a 100k not 100k minus closing costs that you would get if you went to a broker.

Plus they offer better rates.

this is also good advice you any of you wanting to refi your primary residence and you have good credit.

(1) a local bank cannot offer better rates than a broker… I’m sorry.

(2) you will have to pay for an appraisal, and title company fees… so you will have closing costs…

(3) some brokers offer no closing cost HELOCs, if they know which lender offers this…

So Laurie, Once again I feel like you’re offering up advice when yo shouldn’t…

Do you not do HELOCs? If so, it sounds like you charge too much.

Yes I agree that there are no cost HELOC loans yes I do them.

I went to my local Credit Union to get my HELOC because they did not charge me for an appraisal nor any closing costs what so ever plus they beat every one in rates too.
I did my home work on my personal loans I am just helping them save some money if they can.

I am not saying all bank or credit union offer the best rates at everything.

All I am saying is check them out they are a good resource.

Now as far as investment products NO WAY are banks and credit unions a good idea they are way to limited.

DIFFINATELY go to your loan broker for that.

can’t we all just get along! just kidding! i looked into my credit union. they only do home equity loans not helocs. i called a couple of banks, including the bank i’m mortgaged through. most said no closing cost only appraisal. when i did talk to two brokers they were trying to charge me a bunch of fees for the heloc. so the moral of my story( my own personal preference) is i’m going to a local bank! thanks for the support 8)

Way to go KIMESHA :banana:

Just saved some money

See Jason :brow2: I was right