I got a home equity line of credit at National City.
My balance never went above 30%.
Haven’t been taken out big chunks at all.
Just very small amounts every now and then.
I never had a late payment, and have a 780 credit score.

I tried to write out a check and it bounced.
I called them up, they said they froze the line, because the value of the home went down. And I should do a new appraisal.

I went on the net, and saw that tons of people have their HELOC’s frozen.

Do you think if I do a new appraisal, they’ll unfreeze it?
My home’s value went up, not down.

Where do you live that your home value went up? Have an agent do a CMA for you and if it sounds like it is still a high value, go for the appraisal

Rumor has it that with all of the recent issues that National City has had, they are getting out of the mortgage/LOC business and closing all of their notes.

National city is on there way out. If you need the HELOC and your value has improved i would shop for a refi.