Hello REIClub.com from Chicago, IL looking to network and advice


Everyone hope all is well. I have not been involved in real estate investing for a few years due to family deaths and issues. I never paid attention to the media or the doom and gloom they were reporting regarding real estate (Housing Market). Previous to family deaths I made money wholesaling real estate to investors. During the time I was off I lost connect to most of my investors and from word of mouth a lot of them went bankrupt. I am in the process of starting fresh and I have already incorporated a new name for the business. I am looking to begin a rent to own program and build a new list of investors for wholesale deals. I have a website and going to get bandit signs in next week to begin marketing for tenant-buyers and homeowners. This week I am looking for attorneys and title companies to work with in the future. I also plan on going to the local real estate clubs to network with, if possible everyone. I just want to get some insight from seasoned investors on the current market and what strategies are work for you guys in today’s market.

Thanks in advance,

Phil Mahonie


glad you are getting back into things. Not sure I would start out by saying most that I wholesaled to are bankrupt now. It sort of lends me to believe that the “DEALS” they guy from you weren’t really “DEALS”.

But there are plenty of deals around. I personally have not used a wholesaler in a long time. Haven’t found one that has provided me with a truly solid deal in an area that I am interesting in purchasing.

I hope the RTO strategy works for you. I believe it can have a solid footing in these tough economic times.

Hope to see you around at the clubs here in Chicago!

I have Realtor and Title Company questionnaires that you can use when looking for a Realtor and Title Company to work with. Shoot me an email if you’re interested and I can send you a copy of both.