Hello REI

I’m sure these types of threads pop up all the time but I’m making one anyway. So, hello REI. I’m new to the real estate business and I hope to learn more from some of you veterans. Also, I have a few questions and if anyone has some spare time on their hands and could answer them I’d appreciate it allot.

  1. Could you provide any links with useful info on starting out in real-estate?

  2. Are there any other popular forums about real-estate?

  3. Tips on getting started and what not to do.

EDIT: 4. Is the Houston market good?

Any market is a good market when you know what you are doing.

What are you looking to do?

Lease options
Subject to’s
buy and holds
short sales
master leases
fix and flip
buying notes
joint ventures

Figure this out first and go for it!

well start with the fourth question. if you live there, it’s your JOB to know your market. so start with material that will help you do this. just look at houses. talk with people. typing on the computer in forums is GREAT. they prep you to talk with people in the real world. realtors, owners, lawyers etc.

what not to do? the list is long. but i’ll break it down - DON’T RUSH IT!

funny thing about rei forums and forums in general. they are surprisingly hard to come by when it comes to quality. i consider reiclub to be excellent. i’m not sure i can post the competition, so i won’t…but they’re out there. the difference in quality is content - reiclub doesn’t let people post ads in these threads, which is GREAT. other forums you’ll see ad after ad.

lastly, your first question - google real esate investing. real estate forums, real estate for beginners, new real estate investor.
you’ll get a mess of sites, where about 90% of them are trying to sell you products that are filled with information you can get for free from you local library. check out the articles on here - bronchik is good - a little advanced, but he writes good.

keep in touch.