Hello, newbie real estate agent/broker in Manila, Philippines

Hello to all,

I am Jon from Manila, Philippines, a newbie in the real estate world. I just recently finished a 120-hour seminar to be eligible to take the board exam for the real estate broker’s license. I haven’t made a sale yet, but I’m hopeful :). I’m not sure I joined the right forum because this is mainly for investors, but I hope to be welcomed and I also hope to be given advice and help from the veterans in the industry. Pleased to meet all of you.


You are quite welcome as you can certainly learn more about real estate, what people listing or selling expect, good ideas for marketing and advertising properties and learn about investing and what types of properties make good investments!


Thank you for the kind words, sir :slight_smile: I’m certainly looking forward to learning more and would appreciate the assistance and guidance :slight_smile:

There are some AMAZING opportunities for real estate agents in our current market. I think you’re in the right place to find out more about some of the creative ways to buy and sell and then use those strategies as a force for good with your current clients.

I also have a real estate license and I am adding a new area of focus helping buyers and sellers use the same strategies I’ve been using as a real estate investor and have been teaching other real estate investors to buy a home for themselves without 20% down, without using banks or mortgage brokers and without using their own credit even if they filed bankruptcy or had a foreclosure yesterday.

I think you can do the same and do very, very well.

If I can help in any way, please let me know.

There are a lot of ongoing projects in Manila from highrise condominiums to commercial centers.