Hello all...just joined

Just want to say hello to everyone in this forum…I came by this forum 2 days ago and learned alot , so i decided to join. I am an investment banker down here in San Diego and am planning to invest in some real estate for passive income. I am a newbie when it comes to real estate and am looking forward in learning from you guys and contribute what I can. ;D

hey there, I live in miami but I was residing in San diego for about a year, last year.

I can give you some insight on what I do. Usually what I do currently is allow investors to share in my investments with returns of 12% to 18% or more depending on the structure of the investment and they get their money within 12 to 18 months. I wouldn’t want someone to invest in something I wouldn’t invest in so I already have the money to invest however I can increase my returns by allowing other investors in on what I do.

I do everything legally and all structure is governed in accordance with legal representation. In other words I always use a lawyer and refuse to work without one.

Thank you and godbless.


Hello Joseph, Glad to have you aboard. SC is an excellent place to invest if you can float the bill. I wish I knew about REI 5 years ago before Temecula blew up. Or some of Cali’s nieghboring states are pretty hot right now.

hi there.

i’m in san diego too. i’m moving all my investments out of state.

you should attend the SD Creative investment association meetings. [ www.sdcia.com]


Hello David

Trvler here, I just joined too and in SD. I am learning too. My first condo became a rental when I had to move here to SD. So I am learning to be an REI. Hope to share info with you.

hi Trvler

i was learning 2 yrs ago too. read as much as you can and start doing. thats the
best way to learn.


What’s up, dude? I just joined about 1 week ago and have learned a lot. I’m moving out of state, but currently live in Oceanside. The investments in California are tough right now, I’m an appraiser, so the values are not what they once were. My advice is to look elsewhere for investments. Here is a good site I’ve come across (mylifecanchange.com). I’ve heard mixed reviews on this so let me know what u think.

All the best…

looks like mylifecanchange.com is a network marketing website. don’t know why you think its a good website. it doesn’t offer any info and just wants you to sign up and give them your personal info.
i rate it 2 thumbs down!