Health Insurance

I have another business I do outside of real estate investing and my day job that is starting to pay as much the day job, so I’ve been thinking about going part time at my day job and focusing more time on the eBay business and real estate investing. If I go part time I’ll lose my insurance. What’s the best way to go about getting private insurance? Dental insurance? Should I just get catastrophic? I’ve got enough in the bank to live on for a few years. Do I need insurance? I’ve heard you can talk the hospital down with cash. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I lived on "cash"healthcare for a few years.ANd yes you will get a discount.It’s a risk though,so I now have private,bluecross/shield for me,wife and daughter.I’ve talked with insurance agents about a catastrophic policy and I’ll cover all else.SUch as anything less than $10k for example.The fact is that this does’nt exist(thru law)and the agent said she would love to sell it.

Another “real solution” to a problem that benifits us not washington that is overlooked.My private policy is pretty reasonable,for now anyway.