Heads up on bandit signs... - Third person hearsay, but...

Molly (my fiance’) had a customer come into her store the other day who had a lawn care/gardener type business. The guy had been using Bandit Signs (I think in the Pflugerville area, but I’m not certain) … and he got nailed by the city… hammered/fined for $50 per sign.

Let me reiterate that you’re hearing this THIRD person and not first person.

And hopefully, if they had been REAL ESTATE signs, then perhaps he wouldn’t have gotten fined.

This won’t stop me from putting out bandit signs, but on the other hand, think about how bad it would suck if you got nailed for 20 signs!!! :slight_smile:

Keep your ears and eyes open and post here, if you hear anything else about enforcement of signs.

On the flip side of the coin, she said that the guy didn’t seem very bright, so he could have been placing his signs on the mayor’s front lawn for all I know.

  • Adam.

Pflugerville has always been stricter on signs. At one point last year they had two officers handing out $500 tickets to the folks placing the signs out. Yes, NOT the company owner, but the installers.

The homebuilder sign placers that I was using pulled completely out of Pflugerville for several months.

I remember researching bandits when I first started using them years ago and recall the cap was $500 per sign. In theory I was risking 50k each weekend? I was definitely anxious at first.

I did pay some fines to the state (on more than one occasion) for signs placed on their roads, but it came out to about $7 per sign and they gave the signs back to me. Seemed to be just a revenue game at that time.

Since I was one of the first to end up in the TDOT database, I started getting fines for other investors as well for a while. It didn’t take long to get that straightened out and I had to sign for the certified mail and open it before I knew who it should have gone to. I guess it was nice to know I had company, lol.