JUSt a look out here
I recived a email from a company called /calling them selves
tsfundings/ 168fundings

They say this we will give you a hard money loan for 5 to 7 %
depending on the loan amount

And the real big thing is this they say they will at the end of the loan refund you your downpayment

And they are in germany

And they say they have reps here in the USA and that you are to pay your downpayment to there reps

And they will then make a wire transaction for the funds to be put in your bacnk account WOW

Wonder how they are doing that unless you give them your banking information DUMB DUMB

Sounds like one big no thank you to me

I told them i pay my down to the seller
They said no to work with us you have to pay it to our rep in the states

So i said go ahead and give me this persons name and i will talk with them As well have them and this whole deal checked out by the police

Any one else had deallings with this company or a mr Lee Parker who claims he is the president of the company ??

Sounds like a big scam to me

Here are some links to Mr. Parker. Seems he has quite a few different companys. :deal


YES i see it woulld look as if he is well spread out in the world of BS !

Even so far as to be asking for brokers to work for him in one place

And then not one of these is the same loan place i recived a email from WOW

I would say RUN from this person and any of his doings ?

I see as well where some of his postting has been around from 04 and he is still around

I guess it is hard to shut down this short of thing when the big boss man is across the big pond?

That is the red light Germany I wouldn’t trust any lender whatsoever overseas because they aren’t govern by US laws so if they rip you off you can’t do anything about it.

MR investor this is true

And any way like i said in this post

They want you to pay your downpayment to there person

What is that

Is not this to go to the seller ?

And then when they have screwed you over you have the problem of the seller you screwed

Their person is probably a middle man with a criminal background that doesn’t have any morals to rip people off. Overseas scammers always like to hire people with no morals especially ones here in America.

The middleman gets your money and sends the money minus his profit to the scammers overseas.

Sounds like a Nigerian scam rewritten.

What is interesting about the google search is that I went through several pages and could not find any negative information about the company. Nothing other than his ad posted all over the internet.


This is strange But why would you pay your downpayment to there people and not the seller or at a escrow close ?

Never heard of this kind of thing
Have you ?

And is this not strange for them to say and when your loan is all payed off we will refund your downpayment ?

A lot of people do not say anything about getting scamed for fear of the scammers comming after them as they ahve given them to much personal info

And they are ashamed of the whole deal