Heading to the book store - Good Wholesale Book?

Whats a good whoelsaling book? I understand wholesaling is simple and an easy way to start. But, I know little about the contract writting aspect of it, and want to understand this side better.



I always forget that this site has the section with book recommendations. Basically I just need to know which of the two books this site recommends are better:
Fast Cash with Quick Turn Real Estate
by Ron LeGrand


Flipping Properties (book)
by Bill Bronchick

Also, I’m in Baltimore, if that matters in any way.

Thanks again!

I would recommend Steve Cook to any newbie wholesaler because his home study course is the best out there. Vera Cox-Jones is good too but more expensive. Start with Steve and happy wholesaling :wink:
check out www.flippinghomes.com

check out steve books there good iam in baltimore too

Hi dtrump,

How long have been investing and whats your techniques?
I’m also in baltimore.

i just started i will wholesaleing.