He Sold a Condo for Pocket Change

He sold a Condo for Pocket Change

Maybe I shudnt get so excited over these small deals, But hell, I just made 2 Grand today sitting on my butt.

My competitor Alan called me on a condo that he cudnt sell, he tried for weeks. It was a 2/1 & in good condition, just needed paint and carpet. He got it on contract for $22,000 Seller was a bit motivated, he had moved 4 hrs away and was still paying $250 a month HOA fees. I don’t think he had the 5 Grand to make repairs and get it ready for tenants. I told Alan I never did a condo b4 but I’ll see if my guy wants it for 26K

Well, surprise surprise, my buyer says he’ll take it. He never negotiated the price, Maybe I shud of asked for 30K The ARV for Condo’s is low here, maybe it might be worth 60-70K on a good day.

It took about 2 1/2 weeks, just closed today. This is the 4th or 5th deal Alan and I have done together.

We split $4,000 I know $2,000 each aint much, but hell, it pays all the bills, a few steak dinners, groceries, fills up the gas tanks and a great ego boost.

Let’s make some frikin money…


Congratulations! :shocked

Sometimes, it takes some guts, motivation and luck to be successful in this industry.

Good luck on your next projects and more sales to come for you!

I love it!

That is awesome I’m also looking to be come a bird dog can anyone help me get started or work with me plz .