He picked up a penny in the Walmart parking lot.

Years ago when I was working my testies off in a low paying construction job, the boss invited his grody dude employees to lunch at a local steak house. I was a little intimidated going in my smelly work clothes, I was also a little worried about messing up the leather seats in that gorgeous SUV.
The boss, myself and 2 other carpenters were chatting about something as we walked across the newly paved parking lot headed towards the delicious steak meal.
Suddenly the boss stops and bends down to pick up a coin, well, he cudnt grab it cuz it was embedded into the new asphalt.
He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small pocket knife and digs that coin out, slips it into his pocket and then we all kept walking.
The boss never said anything about it and neither did we.
He acted like it was a normal thing and nothing to be embarrassed about.
Later while working my buddy Frank mentions the coin and the parking lot episode and said the boss is a frikin millionaire and he’s bending over picking up coins.
I didnt say anything at the time but it really got me thinking, I wondered if that is possibly the reason why this guy is rich.
But I was still puzzled, he spent 80 buks at the restaurant on us peons and yet bends over to dig a nickle out of hardened asphalt.
So tonight while I walked across the Walmart parking lot, I spied a shiny penny that was well worn and had probably been run over many times, what did I do, I bent over picked it and slipped it into my pocket and was not feeling embarrassed at all.
So whats the moral of the story? Hell I don’t know, but I’m reminded of the times when I used to walk past coins when I was very poor…
It can’t hurt.
Let’s make some Money…


Love your stories and writing style.

An old boss of mine, owner of a telecom company. Multi, multi millionaire. We had a meeting at a fast food joint for lunch. After lunch we met a couple clients. On the way back to the office, he pulls back up to the fast food joint, walks in, takes the cup he left with three hours earlier and gor his free refill. We pulled up in a brand new Range Rover.

I have a similar story with a different twist to it.

A friend of my father has been picking up money on the street every time he sees it. He was an average Joe with a struggling business. One day he sees a quarter on the ground. He stops, thinks about it and walks past it. In that instant he decided it is not worth to pick up coins off the ground and he stops doing it. Fast forward a couple of months later and since he has stopped picking up coins off the ground his business has picked up and he was making the big money. Moral of the story, according to my father’s friend: “Don’t waste your time picking coins off the ground, when you can use it to make the big money”.

Not sure how he is doing right now, but he is convinced that the conscious decision he made that day had something to do with the success that followed.